Major Employers

The top employers in Ouachita Parish provide a diversified economic base for the community. The industries include pulp and paper products/processing, telecommunications, medical services, insurance, auto parts, and back office.

These businesses have grown with the community and have made significant investment over the last several decades. OEDC is committed to meeting the various needs of these businesses as well as any related industry that develops as a result of their existence.

Major Employers in Ouachita Parish
Employer Product/Service Employees
St. Francis Medical Center Medical services 1,575
Riverwood International Pulp & paper processing 1,500
State Farm Insurance Mid-South Regional HQ Insurance claims processing 1,300
International Paper Paper & pulp products 1,050
Angelo Iafrate Construction Co. Highway construction 1,000
Glenwood Regional Medical Center Medical services 1,000
CenturyTel Telecommunications services 900
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. Records Storage/Mortgage Servicing/Call Center 900
Guide Corporation Auto head lights assembly 800
North Monroe Medical Center Medical services 700
Lincoln General Hospital Medical Services 730

In addition to these top employers, small business (10 - 100 employee range) accounts for a large percentage of the employment base in the parish. These businesses manufacture, process, assemble and warehouse products that are shipped out of the area into major U.S. markets for further processing and consumption. Major products in this sector include:

  • Plastic products (pipe, bottles, bags, other)
  • Plastics processing (film, sheet)
  • Soap and other detergents
  • Paper products (boxes, paperboard)
  • Wood products (cabinets)
  • Industrial machinery and equipment (packaging, paper, construction)
  • Metal fabrication (sheet, plates, forms)

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